A young, creative mind, and aspiring rap mogul.

Day 036: Self-Titled

I am an entrepreneur.

That’s showed itself so clearly these past few weeks. I think the reason the 9-5 life is so grueling to me —aside from the awful work i have to do— is because I’m not meant to work for someone.
To have my own company, and be the most powerful person is empowering and it is when I feel the most like myself.
When I am most outgoing. Charismatic. Happy.

Day 035: outcome unknown

lying in bed feeling like shit all day. my mind jumps to the absolute worst possible conclusions. my largest fear is definitely the fear of the unknown.

Day 034: still a kid

hanging with lukas is always a breathe of fresh air. i wish i was closer to him and some of my old friends. it’s sad that you can really only appreciate things/people once you don’t have them.

that stupid passenger song is way too correct.
today was also a brutal reminder that i’m still a kid. regardless of what i try to do or act like, i’m still a young ass kid that makes mistakes. kaytranada would have been dope.
missed opportunities.

Day 033: priorities

today i hung out and listened to music with elliot when i probably should have worked. this LA life has made me think that I always need to be out interacting with people when in reality, it’s just as important for me to stay on top of my actual work. produce the music video. write on fresh new tracks. grab coffee podcast.

Day 032: doin’ me

ate dinner alone at costco. very real. dad would be proud. i don’t care what every marketing guru says. there’s something very peaceful and calming about eating alone…even if it is a $1.50 hotdog from costco.

Day 031: opportunities (have i already used this title?)

i watched goldlink tear down the flyway in pomona. it was nice being around people i knew. i also watched D turn down a nationwide tour. it was difficult because i see that he’s tired and worn out, but at the same time, i often wonder what he would have done if this were a year ago? 

things change and i respect his decision, but people would kill to be in his position. i need to always keep that in mind as i take/turn away opportunities.

Day 030: wise words

"most of the time i just wing it. but it’s so much better when i go over things first." - t. windish