A young, creative mind, and aspiring rap mogul.

Day 026: From intern to acquaintance

One of the most important parts of an internship I feel is connecting with the employees outside the office. You’re much more easily able to get them on your side, have them put in a good word, or even hire you. 

Tonight I went to see the band CHVRCHES alone, expecting to only stay for a few minutes, but ended up running in to another Matt, the CSO at Windish. 

He is a tricky person to read, however, he was incredibly friendly at the show and invited me to spend some time with he and his fiancé. As we talked he seemed genuinely interested and like a caring individual. 

From offering up advice on how to stand out, to why I should enjoy being single while it lasts, Matt was a fun and knowledgable person to talk to.

They then took me out to a super cool bar, where Matt stunted on the bouncers and allowed us to skip the line. He’s clearly the kind of person who can smooth talk his way in to anywhere.

Not for one moment did it feel weird to be hanging out with 30 year olds. Writing it now sounds weird, but I’ve started to learn that if this is the path I take, it’s going to be a while before I’m interacting with people my age on a more regular basis.

Day 025: Natural

It felt very natural to step in to the Kemosabe offices today. I knew some A&Rs, I knew what I’d be doing, and I knew that I’d be good at it.

I really loved my first day. Spent five and a half hours scouring SoundCloud and eventually came out with some pretty cool songs.

That being said, it’s strange being around the other interns. Mainly because they don’t really seem like they know or care about what they’re doing. 

There’s no longer a “pay your dues and you will get a job” type mentality. Simply being in the office isn’t going to do anything. I can guarantee I’ll be working harder than all of them because if there’s one thing I’m confident in, it’s my work ethic.

Day 024: Internet friends IRL

After work today I bike eight miles to meet Tunji. I’ve known Tunji for a while, and actually had interviewed him for my podcast series that never actually got going.

Tunji knows everyone who is anyone. It was quite crazy to see him move in this private listening party. It seemed like every corner he turned there would be a new face he could say hi to. 

People like that are amazing to know, and I capitalized on his out-going personality by grabbing two new contacts of my own.

It’s becoming less and less intimidating to put myself out there, which is a pretty good sign. Maybe that stupid charisma book is working?

Day 023: Dinner for the ages

I went to college again today. It’s strange being in a classroom. I found myself often drifting in and out of paying attention. Which I suppose I already did in high school, but even more so now when there were things going on and jobs to be done.

If/when I go back to school it will undoubtedly be a more difficult transition than moving across the country and having a fresh start.

Finally, tonight I met the alleged Jon Tanners for dinner alongside Chris Cajoleas, whom I think I can call a friend now. There’s always a grey area between when you can hit someone up as a peer, or if you’re not that close yet. 

Well, I suppose even if one doesn’t consider you a friend you can still consider them a friend? Ah, what does it matter.

Dinner was $41 a person which made my stomach churn, but sometimes you have to just forget about the money and enjoy yourself.

Day 022: The Grove

This is the cool Hollywood hangout for celebrities and rich people alike. It is an amazing outdoor mall with a lawn, jazz music, fountain, farmers market and beautiful women at every turn.

I can’t complain about LA sunsets, either. There really is something special about being able to look right and see mountains and look left to watch sun fade in to the skyscrapers. 

Day 021: Atop the Hollywood sign

Being alone is an interesting thing.

I consider myself a bit of a loner. An introvert. I need my peace and quiet. 

However, right now more than ever before, I feel truly lonely. 

It’s probably because I’m lonely not by choice anymore.

If I want to play basketball with someone, there is no one I really feel comfortable calling. 

My fear of rejection leaves me sitting at home rather than going out to a bar to try to meet people.

There’s only so much pondering one kid can do. 

Day 020: Seeing people my own age

I went to a party at USC tonight. It was refreshing seeing people my own age. 

At the same time, most of the people I interacted with sucked.

All the guys just wanted to get laid and none of the girls were interesting in the slightest.

I kissed someone which was cool for a second before I realized that I had no interest in her as a person or anything she was saying to me. Kinda made me feel like a dick.

Not messing with this whole “college experience thing” so far.