A young, creative mind, and aspiring rap mogul.

Thank You

I’m in an interesting place in my life right now. After four years of hard work, and often times over-work, I am finished with high school. I am incredibly blessed and privileged to be standing where I stand today, so it’s only right that I give thanks where thanks is due. 

I have very little idea where this next year will take me, but rather than fretting on the future, I need to focus on the right-now.

First and foremost, thank you to my parents. I’m sure this gap year is probably not what you’d expected, or maybe even hoped for, but you’ve been supportive from start to finish. Not many kids have as amazing and open-minded parents as I do, so now it’s my turn to show you I know what I’m doing.

Then of course, my friends. Lukas, for always making me smile, and for being a walking case study that “different is OK.” Daniel, for being a goon. The bond we share through music and the craziness that is TFS will never be broken. Alec, your genuine demeanor will take you an incredible distance in this life, never lose it. However much flack you get, know that it is because people look up to you and enjoy your presence. Every other person I met at school during these four years, you have all made an impact greater than you know.

Annie Dineen, you were the first person who ever made me feel like I could actually do something in the music industry. You treated me like an equal, and although you probably don’t even remember it, I will never forget the moment you called the music business “our industry.” Thank you for always being my sounding board for crazy ideas, my editor for essays, and for laughing at my jokes. Only upward from here.

To Henny Yegezu, for giving me a real opportunity to thrive. From selling tickets to this crazy journey of GoldLink, you have trusted me. That means the world, and I’m happy to call you a friend, mentor, and teammate.

The man, myth, and legend, Jon Tanners. Although you could still be catfishing the fuck out of me, I appreciate you and everything you have done for me as a mentor and all around person. You’ve showed me that hard work really does get rewarded, in a big way. Looking forward to the Fall. 

Rebecca Samuelson, despite the thousands of miles, and huge time difference, you are still someone I know I can always turn to. I’m very happy you’ve found the crossroads between music, entrepreneurship and technology; I hope to join you very soon.

My yung guns: Alex Siber, your work ethic is unparalleled. You motivate the hell out of me and everyone around you. Can’t wait to watch you kill it this summer. Elliot Ebaumz Baumohl, Peach Ringz has been fun, but I’m ready for us to take over the coast. Both of you guys are the future of this industry.

Thank you to everyone who has ever talked to me, emailed me, sent me music, laughed with me/at me, taught me, loved me, hated me, pushed me, and inspired me. I wouldn’t be the man (child) I am today, without you.

Onward and upward.

I went to New York and acted like a tourist for a bit.